To chase or be chased?

I was motivated and excited to win the Fair Hill Classic. Chris Eatough was even racing. Representives from the CFF were in attendance and Dr. Wilson’s wife and daughter were there to cheer us on. Not to mention Jim was signed up for the Endurance event; meaning he would do twice the race miles I would. Ouch.

The starting gun went off as Brandon and I led to start. I eventually got the holeshot and led into the woods. I felt the confidence immediately and desperately wanted to impress the folks that came out to support our team. I lead from point to point to win the race. I got tremendous satisfaction out of leading the race without fear of being caught. I knew the effort was enough to win; despite the respect and admiration I have for my all of my rivals. With Brandon not chasing, and Eatough deep into his retirement, I figured the others would never match my pace. Thankfully I was right.

I had a lot to celebrate as I came back to the TeamCF tent. I am on the best team on the circuit, we ride the best equipment available, I have the best coach you can have, and I take great pride in knowing we all do our best to support the mission of TeamCF, both on and off the race course.

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