Syllamo’s Revenge 125k – a race to remember

To cut to the chase, I was not able to finish the race. About 2 hours in, I went off the line I was riding and quickly lost control. I ended up flying over the handlebars, before I crashed on some jagged rocks. A rock punctured my right leg and it took me a long time before I reached the 2nd aid station only about a mile away.

A visit to the ER of the local hospital confirmed what I already knew. My leg is badly bruised and the cut on my leg is going to take some time to fully heal. I feel fortunate to have nothing else to report: at the speed and type of terrain I was riding it could have been much worse.

Back to the race: I was anxious about the initial climb right by the start. Indeed, the climb sorts the riders before entering the single track; a single track with very limited spots to pass should one not be pleased with his or her position.

I had good legs and could follow Drew Edsall and then Brandon Draugelis up the jeep road without much difficulties. It was fun to follow those two riding the technical trail. Once more, I surprised myself riding all the tricky sections. I probably have to thanks my Epic 29er for that.

Aid station #1 came and went and I was still feeling really good. I decided to wait the single track climb after aid #2 to increase the tempo. Before I could place the plan into motion, I had my accident… too bad but there is always next year… I will certainly keep this race in the back of my head just to remind me how quickly things can change from good to worse…

Congratulations to my Team CF friends! 3rd and 4th place to Cheryl and Kathleen and a great 2nd place for Brandon!

The healing of my leg will determine what will be my next race…

My ride at Syllamo’s up to aid #2 can be found on

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