Brighton XC,

Another weekend, another race but this time is was against my friends from Michigan. Apparently, even 2 years later, I could remember the flow of the trail but what I did not remember was how much loose dirt there was in the curves. My semi slick tires had me slide all over the trail. I guess in retrospective, it was just a matter of time before I felt to the ground. It happened halfway thru the first lap.

My front tire was really low on pressure but there are no rocks in Brighton so nothing could have possibly puncture the tire. I decided to just pump more air…. Hissing noise still indicated that the tire was leaking somewhere… no problem; just place a tube. Normally a quite simple task but for some reason, the bead would snap back in place every time. After the 10th or so attempt I started to get frustrated, especially when my hand will smack against the spokes each time the bead will suddenly snap back on.

I really considered walking back to the start finish area but I thought I could use that race as an hard training session. After approx 12 minutes, I finally got my tire bead off the rim; the rest was a pretty good fix. When I finally got going I could barely see thru my glasses; so much sweat had dripped on them…

Right after crossing the lap line, I stopped and had my glasses cleaned. Immediately, there was no more fog and I could have fun on the trails. With a 15 minutes deficit on the first lap and another 30s spent cleaning my glasses on the second lap there was absolutely no chance for a top 5 finish but I did not let that bother me. I was going to let it rip.

Despite the traffic, I managed to have the smallest cumulative time for the last 4 laps (out of 5); I was on par with the leaders…. Anyway this race was perfect to access my fitness before Ore to Shore. I hope to see you there.

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