Having Fun / Staying Motivated

Training makes the master; there are no exceptions. Training at proper intensity levels is painful and boring and it gets old very quickly.

Comparison with the baseline established from the recorded data will greatly help with the motivation. In one hand, should one log some subpar performances, she/he will be eager to train to reach back to match the performance baseline. In the other hand, exceeding ones own performance levels contributes greatly to the motivation as well:

I’ve already improved. How much can I still improve?

Quite obviously, after a several years of serious training, improvements are small. Just keeping the performance baseline is quite an achievement. Personally, I try to remember how I trained for previous races and what the results for that particular race were.

Although I’ve never coached anybody, nor have I been coached by someone on a regular basis, a coach might help significantly with motivation. Usually coaching services represent a significant amount of money. Because a person spending money wants returns on his/her investment, he/she has more incentive to complete the training than a person that did not subscribe to the coaching service.

Imagination is the best help you can get. Try to imagine that you are competing against your archrival and unless you complete the workout, she/he will win the raceā€¦

In the end, what helps me with the motivation is:

Training makes the difference; train hard and smart and the results will be there.

Stay motivated… the racing will be here soon.

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