Bike Fit? Most Definitely

Paying for a bike fit is possibly the best investment you can do. Some of us spend several thousands of dollars on lighter equipment but then shy away from a bike fit. Big mistake.

What good is a $10,000 bike if you feel terrible on it? Many years ago when I was in college, I spent all my savings to purchase the best bike I possibly could afford. After a 4 hour race, I could barely get off my bike. My back was completely locked up and it took me 10 minutes to get back to my car only 100 yards away from the finish line. After much trial-and-error adjusting my position and different saddle heights, I finally got rid of this persistent back pain. A properly executed bike fit, will enable you to ride from day one pain free. The bike fit performed by Specialized trained personnel, will start with a health/flexibility assessment. This assessment will used to tailor the position of the rider on the bike. If you are like me, not so flexible, a more upright position will certainly help. It might not look like much but 10mm on a stem or some shims in your shoes could improve greatly your comfort, enhance your riding experience, make you train harder and improve your results at the race. Obviously, the most significant gain is fun!

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