Jesse Kelly Wins 12 Hour Granogue Endurance Race

Mid Atlantic Super Series (MASS) racing resumed this weekend with “Andrew Meins Excellent Adventure” a 12 hour endurance lap race on the Granogue Estates in Delaware. Team CF racer Jesse Kelly took home the win in the Masters 45+ division with fourteen laps, beating the second place rider by a comfortable margin. As the only solo rider to finish 14 laps, not only was Jesse the fastest Masters racer but the fastest solo racer overall.

Leftover rain from the remnants of Hurricane Andrea dosed the estate grounds with nearly 3 inches of rain in the days leading up to the event. What started out as just “slippery conditions” in the morning, ended up as a course characterized by mud with “peanut butter” consistency. Refueling stops each lap turned into bike cleaning stops necessary to remove the caked on mud that jammed drive trains and suspension systems.

Newly minted Team CF elite team member Jesse Kelly wasted no time establishing himself as the man to beat in this grueling event. Jesse describes his day:

I didn’t know what to expect with the conditions and length of time racing. I’ve spend the day on the bike before, but not 12 hours of straight slow muddy singletrack! At 7mph, my average speed came out to barely more than half the speed of a typical NUE race. The mud was the main factor. The first lap was slick, but as it dried out throughout the day, it became firmer and more “clingy”. Every lap I had to attempt to clear the drivetrain and suspension. Pit stops and refueling were essential. With so many racing in different categories I had no idea where I was at until the end. As I eventually settled in with the 2nd and 3rd place duo teams I figured things were going well. I was really pleased to end up with the overall win!

Kyle Miller, from Team CF Philadelphia regional team, partnered up with Nick Sears and Gunnar Bergey and brought home the 3-man win with total domination.

Full results here.

Jesse Kelly's drivetrain
Jesse Kelly’s drivetrain was caked in mud after each lap
Jesse out on course
It was well after dark when Jesse Kelly received the award for the top solo master

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  1. Well done, Jesse Kelly! Under the conditions, this win brings new meaning to the word ‘awesome’ – I am very proud of his efforts; well, I would be, wouldn’t I- and I’m glad I don’t have to clean that drive chain…

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