Rothrock Trail Mix

Andrew Bobb and I went up to State College to race in the Rothrock Trail Mix on Saturday. The race consisted of 32 mile of very rocky, sharp rocks, wet rocks, flat rocks, big rocks,small rocks, (OK you get it) with close to 4000′ of climbing. The weather was 50, damp with drizzle. It felt more like April than June. There were 75 riders who participated and a lot of no shows, most likely due to the the tropical storm that went through on Friday.

We all lined up for the mass start. We’re off with a long gravel road start, then to a long rocky single track climb. Drew and I were close through the climb and he got to the single track 4 riders in front of me. Everything was going as expected some crashes in the wet rocks that jammed things up a bit. Drew had a mechanical, the chain would not stay on the big while under load in the technical stuff. I asked if he was fine he replied that he was fine. I mentioned to him that he should stay in the 26T ring. As things started to spread out after the 5 to 7 miles. I was riding in no-man’s land for almost the entire race. I was not sure where I stood with in my class but new I was around 15th overall. Drew was about 4 mins back from through all the check points. Andrew was the first and only junior to attempt this course and when he would come through at aid stations or road crossings the race marshalls and spectators would comment “hey there’s the junior”. When it was all said and done I was 1st overall Masters 45+, 15th overall and 1st overall sport (3hr 31 min). Drew was 1st jr, 17th overall and 2nd overall sport (3:37) It was a good race for us. Agian we had great race support from Angie and Megan Bobb

The race was well manned with marshalls (safety at road rossings) and aid stations. Happy Valley Biking was the promoter and did a nice job and a nice venue. The riders were mostly the locals who have good riding skills which is nice on this type of course. This one to think about for next year.

Ride it’


John and Andrew Bobb
Team CF riders John and Andrew Bobb
Andrew Bobb navigates the slippery rocks of Rothrock State Forest
Andrew Bobb navigates the slippery rocks of Rothrock State Forest
John "Mountain" Bobb on top of the podium
John “Mountain” Bobb on top of the podium
Andrew Bobb was the best of the best Junior at Rothrock
Andrew Bobb was the best of the Juniors at Rothrock

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