Team CF Earns Podium Spots in Three States

It was a busy weekend of racing for Team CF with racers competing in the Big Bear 2×12 in West Virginia, the Lumberjack 100 in Michigan, and the Stoopid 50 in State College Pennsylvania. The argyle blue of Team CF was present on podiums at each of these events.

Big Bear 2×12.

The Big Bear 2×12 is a relay race format consisting of two riders on a 12 mile loop. Conducted at the Big Bear Lake Camplands in Bruceton Mills, West Virginia, teams either do 4 laps or six, depending on category. On top was the Team CF Single Speed team consisting of single speed legend Gerry Pflug and rising-star and newly minted Team CF Elite rider Robbie Spreng. These Team CF boys won the Single Speed class as well as having the fastest overall time. Gerry describes his race:

Rob and I made plans this past winter to do the Big Bear 2×12 Race in the singlespeed category. We thought it would be a challenging race for us and we were excited to race together against other fast two man singlespeed teams. But, we were able to create a big gap over the other SS teams early in the race and found we were running on pace with the lead open mens team of Brad Schmalzer and Steve Cummings rather than any other SS teams, so we switched our focus to the overall win. On Rob’s third and final lap, he was able to put a three minute lead over Brad and Steve’s team. I was then able to keep that gap during my final lap to hang on for the overall win. Winning a race overall on a SS is always a special feeling and being able to share this win with my fast CF Teammate Rob Spreng at Big Bear this past Saturday made this win even more special.

Known for his prowess on his Specialized S-Works Epic, we were surprised to learn Rob Spreng even had a single speed:

Yeah I do have a single speed that I enjoy riding, I just hardly ever race it. But Gerry asked me a while back to team up with him for this and I couldn’t refuse! I took the first leg of the relay, it was a 12 mile loop at approximately an hour per lap. Unfortunately it took me about 30-40 minutes to really start feeling good on this lap. I came in 5th overall and 1st in the single speed class. Gerry went out and did some hard work on his his first lap, and came back in 2nd overall, about 2-3 minutes back. I felt great on lap 2, and was able to bridge up to the overall leader, and would finish that lap pretty much together. Gerry pretty much went out with the leader and finished with him. So on my final lap, I went out with the overall leader, but was hoping to put some time on him to give my teammate a bit of a cushion for his final lap. I pushed hard and went into the overall lead by 3 1/2 minutes by the time I handed the baton to Gerry. Gerry went on his final lap and pretty much held that gap steady despite ripping his cleat completely out of his shoe with about 2 miles to go! We got the single speed win and took the overall for the day too.

In a race that in the end was decided by seconds, Team CF rider and 2012 NUE champion Cheryl Sornson took a break from the 100 mile format to participate with Zack Morrey in the Co-ed Duo category. Cheryl and Zack rode neck-in-neck with the eventual first place team to in the end be forced to settle for second. It was a hard fought battle that was easily the most exciting race of the day. Cheryl:

This week I changed gears to see if I still had speed to do fast laps XC style… and yes I do! Fastest female time by 4-5 minutes. Unfortunately my partner was not having the same great day. Each lap saw me at about a five to seven minute deficit. After the first round I got us to only two minutes down. After the second round I got us even. Going into the third round I started about six minutes down. I thought “We can do it!” I rode smooth and fast but mechanical gods took a break during my lap and a stick caused a broken spoke. After diagnosis and some wrapping if a spoke I put on the gas again. It was so close. I was 45 seconds down. If only… All’s good I went to go fast and I did go fast! My fastest lap time was a 1:06:50. The men’s fastest (done by Robbie Spreng) was a 1:01:16.

Team CF Pittsburgh racer Jim Mayuric teamed up with local rider Travis Saler to take second place in the Men’s Open category.

Team CF whiskey springs rider Andrew Bobb teamed with Brandon Draugelis to race the men’s open expert and took 4th. Team CF whiskey springs rider John Bobb teamed with Cheryl Sornson’s husband Lee Sornson and raced the sport Master class and won while being the fastest sport team. Lee had the fastest sport lap of the day at 1:09:54.

Full results here.

Lumberjack 100.

470 miles away the 6th round of the National Ultra Endurance Series took place in Manistee Michigan, the Lumberjack 100. Comprised of three 33 mile loops, the Lumberjack has the most single track riding of any other NUE race, roughly 90%. Team CF rider Christian Tanguy, 2011 NUE champion and a past Lumberjack 100 winner, did his best to bring home the gold in this year’s edition. In what came down to an incredible 3 way sprint finish after nearly 7 hours of racing, Christian ended up 3rd behind Barry Wicks (Kona) and Michael Simonson (616 Racing). Their three times ended up being separated by less than one second (6:42:25)!

Team CF Masters racer Charles Buki participating in his first Lumberjack 100 finished 8th in his class. Charles describes his day:

My time was 8:17. In hindsight, I think I could have taken 5-6 minutes off, but hard to think that I could have found a full 18 minutes and come in under 8 hours. I would have had to try a different strategy of going a little slower first lap with the hopes of riding three more evenly-paced laps than I did. Chris Eatough has often told me to save energy, but I confess to not really knowing how to ride smart yet. The course is very flowy with no risks to speak of. I got lucky with temperature and no mechanicals. I rode most of the day in one gear out of the saddle. Probably 90% in a single gear. It just felt right.

Full results here.

Stoopid 50.

Held in the beautiful Rothrock State Forest near State College Pennsylvania, the Mid Atlantic Super Series (MASS) resumed endurance competition at the Stoopid 50.

2012 Masters winner and Team CF racer Jesse Kelly had high hopes for a repeat performance on this rocky technical course. In the end, though, he was edged out by 4 minutes by local rider Jim Matthews. Jesse tells us about his race:

Well done to Jim Matthews; I never saw him from the start as he rode off to Masters 45+ victory at the Stoopid 50. I was pleased to hang on for 2nd in such a fun and exciting race. (12th overall) The views off Tussey in the few moments I had to peek were incredible. The singletrack was fun an challenging, and confirms I still need a lot of work in that department. I as very impressed with so many great performances.

Full results soon.

Rob Spreng and Gerry Pflug win the Single Speed and the Overall at the Big Bear 2×12
Cheryl Sornson and Zack Morrey finish 2nd at the Big Bear 2×12
Jim Mayuric and Travis Saler finish second overall in the Open at the Big Bear 2×12
Barry Wicks, Mike Simonson, and Team CF rider Christian Tanguy sprint it out for the finish of the Lumberjack 100
Barry Wicks, Mike Simonson, and Team CF rider Christian Tanguy sprint it out for the finish of the Lumberjack 100
Team CF riders Charles Buki and Christian Tanguy at the Lumberjack 100
Team CF riders Charles Buki and Christian Tanguy at the Lumberjack 100
Team CF rider Jesse Kelly finishes 2nd at the Stoopid 50
Team CF rider Jesse Kelly finishes 2nd at the Stoopid 50

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