Strong weekend for RDC at US Cup, Singlespeed-A-Palooza, Dirty 40 Rasputitsa, Rattling Enduro, Bakers Dozen

Rare Disease Cycling had another busy and successful weekend slaying international competition at the US Cup in California and taking several wins on the East Coast in events ranging from Single Speed XC to enduro.

Oberman charging on the Bonelli Park US Cup course. Photo: Johnny Mueller / Sho-Air Cycling Group

US Cup Round #3: Bonelli Park

Picking up were he left off, Cole Oberman returned to racing in California with a pair of strong finishes at round 3 of the USA Cycling US Cup. Oberman finished in 24th place in the UCI HC level cross country and 7th in Sunday’s short track event. “I’m happy to continue to have progressively better finishes in such top notch fields. I’ve got a little more work to do between now and the opening World Cups but I’m feel like I’m on track to have a great season”.

Oberman suffers on a steep climb. Photo: Johnny Mueller / Sho-Air Cycling Group

Recapping the weekend Oberman stated, “The XC went great for me. I had a great jump off the line and rode most of the race in the top 15. I slid back a bit on the last lap but it’s a huge confidence booster to be riding in the same group as top World Cup riders. Sunday’s short track was a little disappointing as I was in a position to win and took myself out with a stupid crash. Still, I chased back onto the group and finished 7th in the sprint. So again, it’s a huge confidence booster to know I’m so fit. I’m really looking forward to Sea Otter and The Whiskey Off-Road in the next couple of weeks”.


Harding on the top step in her season opener.


Kathleen Harding kicked off her comeback season with a win at this past weekends Singlespeed-A-Palooza. SSAP held this year in Montgomery, NY is one of the largest and longest running singlespeed mountain bike events in the East Coast. The event is also a fundraiser for the local Heart Strings Charity.

Harding summarizing her weekend, “SSAP is always a fun way to kick off the season. Two of us took off from the start and led the race down the first gravel road. After we got to the woods I pulled away and was able to maintain the lead through the end of the race”. 

Yeager on her way to a gritty victory.

Dirty 40 Rasputitsa

Also held on Saturday in East Burke, VT was the Dirty 40 Rasputitsa gravel road race. Team rider Selene Yeager was on hand looking for a new adventure and the top step of the podium.

“I’d been looking forward to this one for months, since I’ve never done it and was looking for new adventure. I certainly found new adventure! Winter hasn’t gotten the memo that spring is here up there! The race, which is 40 miles of mostly “Vermont cobbles” (stuttery dirt roads) and mud also included a 2.8 mile non-winter maintenance road that as advertised, had not been plowed. Welcome to a snowy 5K in the middle of a bike race! I was having a very good day and was in the lead at that point. But I knew Lyne Bessette is an amazing runner with I believe a sub-3 hour marathon, so I knew if I wanted to keep my lead I’d better run! My feet are still battered and blistered, but pulled off a very happy win”.


Rattling Enduro

Changing gears from gravel road racing to enduro mountain biking, Selene Yeager made her way down to Lykens, PA for Sunday’s Rattling Enduro. A master of all disciplines, Yeager was able to take her second victory of the weekend.

 “The next day I lined up at Rattling Enduro in Lykens, PA, which included 3 long timed enduro segments. I was still pretty tired, but now the sun was shining and it was pushing 70 degrees and there was no snow! So I was just happy to pedal hard and have fun. Pulled out the win on the day for a really satisfying weekend”.

Leesburg Bakers Dozen Relay

Cheryl Sornson was back in action this past weekend as one third of the winning team known as “Churtle’s Sublime Tillmination”. The team completed 19 laps winning by a margin of over 1 hour.

Sornson described the race as, “13 hours of pure 38 – 42 minute intervals of all out effort.  Putting our strong man (MIKE) out on the starting lap proved to be the key to our lead that we kept all day.  The rest of the day our team consistently put out fast consistent lap times.  Mike and I in the 37-38 range and Jenn hammering a solid 42.  We each did a night lap which slowed a bit, but otherwise we crushed ourselves each lap. By the end we were tired and completely loopy, but the day was beautiful and the crowd was super cool.  A great day in the books for sure”. 


Greene County Road Race

Stephanie Swan was also on the podium this past weekend taking the win at the Greene County Road Race. Swan won the women’s division and was also an impressive 8th place overall.

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