Yeager takes the win at Curse of Dark Hollow. Thiemann and Harding on podium at Granogue.

Yeager on her way to the win.
Yeager on her way to the win. Photo Credit: Tomi McMillar

Yeager takes the win at round 2 of the Michaux Endurance Series.

Overcoming both extreme heat and a technically challenging course, Selene Yeager rode a text book race to take the victory at the Curse of Dark Hollow, round 2 of the 2015 Michaux Endurance Series. The fabled trails of Michaux State Forest are known as some of the most difficult and rocky in the country. This years race was made even more challenging with heavy rains the night before making for slick conditions on the relentless and rocky trails.

Curse of Dark Hollow

“The thermometer read 99 degrees in my Ford Fiesta when I finished Curse of the Dark Hollow in Michaux State Forest this Sunday. And I felt every last one of them during the final 5 miles of mostly technical climbing back to the start/finish staging are. Fortunately, I felt good for the bulk of the day. The race kicked off with a LeMans start, which is my very least favorite way to start an event. But I’ve been running regularly again, so put those skills to use and got a good position right out of the gate and raced hard to get to the pointy end of the field and into the rocks ahead of the majority of the field because I knew it was going to be a slick mess. I was right! I just kept it light and loose and was able to clear mostly everything. The heat got to me here and there. But mostly I was able to stay on top of my hydration and nutrition to get a win on the day”.

Yeager is now poised for overall victory with a massive 1 hour lead on second place. The 2015 Michaux Offroad Series concludes with round 3, The Terror of Teaberry on Sunday, September 27th.

Harding and Theiman in 2nd and 3rd behind Arley Kremmerer.
Harding and Thiemann in 2nd and 3rd behind Arley Kremmerer.

Harding and Thiemann go 2nd and 3rd at Granogue.

XC racing returned to the Granogue Estate in Delaware with round 5 of the Mid-Atlantic Super Series, To Granogue and Bach. The only thing hotter than the nearly 100 degree temperatures was the battle for the women’s Pro/Open win. Elite team riders Kathleen Harding and Nikki Thiemann sparred with Arley Kremmerer on the fast and twisty Granogue trails. In the end it was Kremmerer who came away with the win, Harding and Thiemann finishing less than a minute back.

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