Team CF/Whiskey Springs in CO

On June 16th Justin and Mike McFadden, Team CF in PA, had a unique opportunity to race the KMC Classic in Colorado Springs, CO. Being from PA we won a KMC chain not for being not fastests entrants, but for being the farthest entrants. We hoped to represent with performance also. With rented bikes, high altitude, new terrain, and way too much riding the two days before race day (just because we could), we were set to go that Sunday. That said, we had no bike issues, got to preride the course, and didn’t seem to suffer too much in the thinner air so no excuses. Justin, race age 16, did 3 – 4+mile laps in the Cat 2 15-18 Juniors. His race was early, but temperatures still hit the 90’s. The course was very fast gritty / loose sandstone trails with more than a few beach sand thick corners that could kill speed and the intended direction. Justin pushed 22 1/2 minute laps and had no issues with the technical rock sections, PA rock training paid off! When he was settled in, there was a gap in front of him and behind him in his class so he had just a bit of back and forth with other riders and finished 11th of 15. The top 4 were looking to move up to Cat 1 soon, so not too bad. Mike, Cat 2 40-49 did the same course scheduled for 5 laps. Though it started later in the day it started hot, then got windy, cooler. At the highest point lightning and thunderstorms could be seen on either side of the race with the Rockies in the distance, but just a few drops of rain ever hit the course. He had a fun race with back and forth among a few in class racers taking the better of the downhills and and rocks and sucking wind on the climbs. Mental note, knowing all the rules can pay off. Once the leader of an earlier heat of Cat 1 riders laps you the race stops. So while closing distance on a couple riders Mike was done at 4 laps, a surprise to most of the riders, finishing 9th of 11. Both riders are aiming to improve in first full year of Cat 2 races.

Big Bear 2×12

Another race weekend is in the bag. We had a great weekend with racing and hanging out with good people. It started on Friday with a 3hr drive to Big Bear Lake Campground in WV. We got there around 4:45 then registered, set up the campsite and then out to pre-ride the 12 mile course. We met the Sornsons (Lee and Cheryl) at the campsite and Zack Morrey showed up a little later.

Saturday was race day . The teams were myself and Lee Sornson racing the sport masters class. Andrew Bobb and Brandon Draugelis (Team Shred) who raced the men’s open and Cheryl Sornson (Team CF Elite) and Zack Morrey (SCOTT PRO MTB) who raced the coed expert class. After everyone had their time to figure out the race strategy that would work best, we went to the racers meeting and then to the mass start. 3-2-1-GO. The first riders are off. Brandon got the “hole shot”. Zach was in the top 12 or so. I was 2nd master going in to singletrack. The race was on. As the first riders came in and the 2nd riders left things got exiting Lee and I were 1st by 5 secs, Brandon and Andrew were top 3, Zach had struggled and fell back some, which meant Cheryl had some time to make up.

Lee went out and turned the fastest sport lap time of the day. Andrew went out and buried himself. Cheryl did what she does: race with a vengeance and got back the time that was lost. As the races shook out Branden and Andrew where in a close race between 3rd and 4th. Despite the valiant effort from these two they ended up 4th. Lee and I ended up 1st in class and fastest sport team. Cheryl and Zack finished 2nd coed. But things may have been different if Cheryl would not have had a mechanical that cost her just about the amount of time that they lost by: less than 1 minute!

The “after party” was very entertaining also. We went to the awards and recieved our very nice ceramic crocks and then the band started to play…

Ride it’

John Mountain Bobb

Andrew Bobb at the end of a tough lap at the Big Bear 2x12
Andrew Bobb at the end of a tough lap
Andrew Bobb comes into the start finish area
Cheryl Sornson approaches the start finish area
Andrew Bobb finishes a lap
Andrew Bobb finishes a lap
Cheryl and Zack just seconds out of first stand good enough for second
Cheryl and Zack just seconds out of first stand good enough for second
John Bobb and Lee Sornson are the best Sport Master riders of the day
John Bobb and Lee Sornson are the best Sport Master riders of the day

Rothrock Trail Mix

Andrew Bobb and I went up to State College to race in the Rothrock Trail Mix on Saturday. The race consisted of 32 mile of very rocky, sharp rocks, wet rocks, flat rocks, big rocks,small rocks, (OK you get it) with close to 4000′ of climbing. The weather was 50, damp with drizzle. It felt more like April than June. There were 75 riders who participated and a lot of no shows, most likely due to the the tropical storm that went through on Friday.

We all lined up for the mass start. We’re off with a long gravel road start, then to a long rocky single track climb. Drew and I were close through the climb and he got to the single track 4 riders in front of me. Everything was going as expected some crashes in the wet rocks that jammed things up a bit. Drew had a mechanical, the chain would not stay on the big while under load in the technical stuff. I asked if he was fine he replied that he was fine. I mentioned to him that he should stay in the 26T ring. As things started to spread out after the 5 to 7 miles. I was riding in no-man’s land for almost the entire race. I was not sure where I stood with in my class but new I was around 15th overall. Drew was about 4 mins back from through all the check points. Andrew was the first and only junior to attempt this course and when he would come through at aid stations or road crossings the race marshalls and spectators would comment “hey there’s the junior”. When it was all said and done I was 1st overall Masters 45+, 15th overall and 1st overall sport (3hr 31 min). Drew was 1st jr, 17th overall and 2nd overall sport (3:37) It was a good race for us. Agian we had great race support from Angie and Megan Bobb

The race was well manned with marshalls (safety at road rossings) and aid stations. Happy Valley Biking was the promoter and did a nice job and a nice venue. The riders were mostly the locals who have good riding skills which is nice on this type of course. This one to think about for next year.

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John and Andrew Bobb
Team CF riders John and Andrew Bobb
Andrew Bobb navigates the slippery rocks of Rothrock State Forest
Andrew Bobb navigates the slippery rocks of Rothrock State Forest
John "Mountain" Bobb on top of the podium
John “Mountain” Bobb on top of the podium
Andrew Bobb was the best of the best Junior at Rothrock
Andrew Bobb was the best of the Juniors at Rothrock

PA State Championships at Bear Creek

Riding the rocks was the name of the game this weekend. Six riders from the Team CF/ Whiskey Springs raced at Bear Creek for the PA State Championships. We had our share of ups and down this weekend. The weather was sunny, hot and humid 90 degrees +or-. The course was the National amateur loop (7.6 Miles). Tons of rocks and 1200′ of climbing per lap. This couse is a whole lot better than the pro course (or worse depending on your perspective).

On Saturday Dakota Detwiler showed up to race the Super D course. He gets there to make the shuttle to the top for his practice runs. He gets a good run in. The next run he noticed that the bike felt a little sloppy. He and another rider took a look at the frame and the chain stay on the drive side was broken. He never got to race. BUMMER! I hope Specialized takes care of him this week. He is looking forward to the Massenutten Enduro next weekend. If anyone has a bike he can borrow that would be nice.

On Sunday Andrew Bobb, Levi Sornson, Mike McFadden, Justin McFadden and John Bobb (myself) came to race in the XC. Levi raced in the Cat 3 Jr 13-14. Levi had a fantasic race. He ended up catching the back cat 2 jr riders that started 15 mins ahead of him. His lap time 1:06.

Mike Mcfadden raced the Cat 2 40-44. Mike put in a hard effort and dealt with he heat and the climbs and ended up 9th. That’s about how he expected to do. All in all he had a good day.

Justin McFadden raced the Cat 2 15-16. I think Justin was one of the heat casualties of the day. He did finish in 8th. With that being said there were a lot of people who did not finish. Way to stick it out.

Andrew Bobb did his first CAT1 15-16 race. His race did not go so well. Andrew was doing a great job setting the pace for the group making sure that he was in front but not working to hard. As they near the top of the mountain he broke his seat post. That Sucks! He tried to ride with out it and lasted 1 more lap and eventually had to call it quits. His Comment was “I didn’t realize how much you need your seat” for control and climbing.

I raced the 45-49 Cat 2 class. I had a very good race. I started with the leaders and caught the leader’s wheel at about 1 mile in and stayed there till I made my move to be in front on the downhill sections. It worked out great, I rode the course clean and stayed calm throughout the race. I came out with the race win and the PA State Championship in class.

I think this was good weekend of racing. There was a lot hard core riding that had to be done. It definetly took it’s toll on many bikes and riders (lots of blood). You can see the rocks in the pictures. So if you going to Nationals put your big boy tires on.

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John “Mountain” Bobb

John "Mountain" Bobb wins the 45-49 class at PA State Championships
John “Mountain” Bobb wins the 45-49 class at PA State Championships
Bear Creek has rocks
Bear Creek has beauty

Whiskey Springs tackles Michaux

This weekend was the Michaux “Maximus”. There was a 10 mile, 20 mile and a 40 mile loop. All the loops are known for there technical landscape. There are lots of rocks, steep descents, long climbs and pain. This is a course that a lot of racers chose to stay a way from because it is a real challenge. It has been dubbed “the toughest race in the east” by many.

The Team CF / Whiskey Springs chose to do this race in lieu of the MASS race at Iron Hill. This is our house! The junior teammates had a great and the adult teammate did very well also. Just no podiums for the big boys. Team CF elites Rob Spreng and Cheryl Sornson won their respective open classes in the 40 mile loop. Congrats to both of them.

Let’s start with the 10 mile loop. Levi Sornson (son of Team CF elite rider Cheryl Sornson) won the 10 mile jr class with a time of 1:23:30. He was 6 min up on 2nd place. Not bad for a junior who has been playing soccer this spring for his school. Levi is going to be force to be reckoned with in the cat 3 jrs.

The 20 mile loop had Team CF / Whiskey all over it. Andrew Bobb turned out a spectacular ride with a winning time of 1:53:47 and 2nd fastest 20 mile time of the day only to Matt Miller (Mid Atlantic Giant team rider). Drew woke up with a cold/sore throat and we thought this is going to be a tough day. Drew over came and gave one heck of an effort. Dakota Detwiler turned in a great performace also. He was 3rd in the jr class with a time of 2:11:45, less than 30secs back from the number 2 rider. Fantastic race. Justin McFadden and Dominic Desimone raced in their first Michaux 20 mile race. Both of these two riders finished with great class and style. Mike McFadden raced the 20 mile vet class. Mike had a good day and finished as he expected. He was mid pack and happy.

The 40 mile loop had the best of Northern Michaux. Mike Diodato did the Single Speed class (first Michaux 40). Mike crashed at around mile 3. Mike got his self put back together and turned in a awesome time 4:28 for a 5th place spot. John Bobb (me) did the 40 mile master class (first Michaux 40) I had a great day with a little bit of suffering. Sore knee and cramps. My time was 4:50 for 6th place.

Other notables:

Phil Spare 10 mile masters 4th. Great ride!

Shawn Withers 40 mile masters 5th. Nice ride!

Sally McClain 40 mile women’s 2nd. Good riding with you up top.

Missy Mertz 40 mile women’s 3rd

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Team CF juniors all over the Michaux Maximus Podium
Team CF juniors all over the Michaux Maximus Podium

Mountain Bobb’s Greenbrier Report

We were at the Greenbrier Challenge this weekend. it was a MASS race and a national qualifier. Dominic Desimone, Dakota Detwiler and Andrew Bobb were the ones who showed up to do this demanding course. This course has some rocks, but nothing like we call rocks. It does have a lot of climbing though.

Dominic raced the cat 3 17 & 18. Dom had a great day he pushed through the climbs and was able make the podium with a 3rd place finish.

Dakota raced the Clydesdale class. 200lbs+ Understand that this not a slow class. Dakota heard they were paying cash for this race and had a taste for money. Dakota ended with the top spot. He beat a rider who I have rode against. He usually races in the single speed class and is no slouch. The rider who took 3rd was the man that they professed that he owned this race for the last 5 years. It was a 17 mile race and his time was 1:36:07. Nice ride! No intimidation!

Andrew (15) entered the 19-29 Cat 2 class. If he was looking for competition he found it. 30+ riders. Drew realized what a fast start is. He had an awesome day ended up 12th with a time of 1:26:29. He hung tough. I feel that this class will give the race experience for the next move. CAT 1

Ride it’

John “Mountain” Bobb

PS No mechanicals