Pflug Wins Hilly Billy Roubaix

Round #3 of the American UltraCross Series brought racers to Morgantown West Virginia for the Hilly Billy Roubaix, a seventy mile gravel road race with lots of primitive West Virginia style dirt roads peppered in throughout. Team CF racer Gerry Pflug won his category of choice, the Single Speed.  But for the third week in a row, the effort was good enough to be the fastest overall rider in contest.

It all started two weeks ago when Gerry the won the Single Speed category at the round #6 of the NUE, the Mohican 100. In a stunning feat of cycling, the Pflug was the fastest of the geared riders as well. At the time we described this feat as “once in a lifetime”. It seems that since then Mr. Pflug has been driven to prove us wrong. Last week Gerry teamed up with fellow Team CF rider Rob Spreng to win the Big Bear 2×12 single speed. They were also the riders with the fastest time overall. Now with the single speed and overall win at Hilly Billy Roubaix, it seems as though the Team CF single speed phenom is on a roll and in peak form!

A quick survey of results from practically any elite level mountain bike or ultra-cross event will reveal that the fastest geared riders are almost always faster than the fastest single speed riders. This fact is hard to ignore.

However, when we’ve talked to single speeders, they all without question feel that the single speed bike is the best tool for the job. They know something. Imagine never having to even think about shifting into the right gear. Single speeders ride single speed because they feel they are a better rider on the simpler machine. Most will also admit that the advantage is diminished at the highest and lowest speeds. When one is spun out on the flats in 34×18, geared bikes seem to float by in 39×11.

When a single speed rider can overcome these disadvantages against the best geared riders in contest, this is special. To do so three weeks in a row is not just luck, it is a statement. It’s a statement that makes you believe that the Team CF rider really is a faster rider on a single speed bike and is riding exceptionally well right now.

Gerry describes the action at the front of the bike race:

I’ve always enjoyed racing the American Ultra Cross Series Race, The Hilly Billy, near Morgantown, WV. The race is organized, the course is well marked, and the overall atmosphere is just a real good time. The course is set-up very similarly to the the roads and trails I use for training around my home. Additionally, I was kind of happy about the hot weather in the forecast because the heat doesn’t seem to affect me as much as it does to others. For these two reason, I thought there was a good chance of doing well overall at this race.

Once the race started and we headed up the first gravel climb, I was even more certain the race would go well for me, as I was able to escape the large park of about 300 riders in a small, fast group of about 7. We were all working to stay away and our pace stayed pretty smooth and consistent. And, even though I was on a singlespeed, I never felt like having only one gear made much of a difference.

After about 25 miles into the race, it seemed like a rider would drop off our small group on every major climb. Then, on the climb leading out of check point #2 about 38 miles into the race, Adam Driscoll and I were able to drop Garth Prosser and Ryan Leech. Mike Simonson was ahead of us at this point, but we caught him at check point #3 where we was repairing his second flat tire. From that point on, Adam and I knew the winner or the race was either going to be him or me.

I knew it would be difficult to beat Adam, since my bike was a single speed and the remainder of the course was fairly flat and fast. But, on the last section of muddy ATV double track trail, I was able to get the gap on Adam I needed.

Once I escaped from Adam, I put every ounce of energy I had left in my body into pushing my pedals and keeping my speed high. By the time I arrived at the finish, I had put 4 minutes on Adam and was very excited about riding across the finish line all alone. I’ve had a couple amazing weeks of racing in June and winning the past three races overall on a singlespeed is absolutely mind blowing to me.

See the Thom Parsons interview with Gerry.

Several other Team CF racers made podium appearances as well. In the Men’s Above 40 division, Jesse Kelly finished 3rd place good enough for 7th place overall. Team CF Pittsburgh rider Jim Mayuric finished just one minute behind Jesse to take 3rd in the Men’s Below 40 division good enough for 8th overall. Finally Team CF UltraCross specialist Stephanie Swan, who is recovering from an early June crash at a road race in Philly, was able to muster enough fitness for a solid 3rd place finish.

Full results here.

Gerry Pflug out on course at Hilly Billy Roubaix
Gerry Pflug out on course at Hilly Billy Roubaix
Gerry Pflug wins the Hilly Billy Roubaix
Gerry Pflug is the first rider to finish at Hilly Billy Roubaix
Gerry Pflug atop the Hilly Billy Roubaix Single Speed Podium
Gerry Pflug atop the Hilly Billy Roubaix Single Speed Podium
Jesse Kelly at the finish of the Hilly Billy Roubaix
Jesse Kelly at the finish of the Hilly Billy Roubaix
Stephanie Swan is all smiles at the finish of the Hilly Billy Roubaix
Stephanie Swan is all smiles at the finish of the Hilly Billy Roubaix
Hilly Billy Roubaix Woman's Podium
Hilly Billy Roubaix Woman’s Podium

Team CF Earns Podium Spots in Three States

It was a busy weekend of racing for Team CF with racers competing in the Big Bear 2×12 in West Virginia, the Lumberjack 100 in Michigan, and the Stoopid 50 in State College Pennsylvania. The argyle blue of Team CF was present on podiums at each of these events.

Big Bear 2×12.

The Big Bear 2×12 is a relay race format consisting of two riders on a 12 mile loop. Conducted at the Big Bear Lake Camplands in Bruceton Mills, West Virginia, teams either do 4 laps or six, depending on category. On top was the Team CF Single Speed team consisting of single speed legend Gerry Pflug and rising-star and newly minted Team CF Elite rider Robbie Spreng. These Team CF boys won the Single Speed class as well as having the fastest overall time. Gerry describes his race:

Rob and I made plans this past winter to do the Big Bear 2×12 Race in the singlespeed category. We thought it would be a challenging race for us and we were excited to race together against other fast two man singlespeed teams. But, we were able to create a big gap over the other SS teams early in the race and found we were running on pace with the lead open mens team of Brad Schmalzer and Steve Cummings rather than any other SS teams, so we switched our focus to the overall win. On Rob’s third and final lap, he was able to put a three minute lead over Brad and Steve’s team. I was then able to keep that gap during my final lap to hang on for the overall win. Winning a race overall on a SS is always a special feeling and being able to share this win with my fast CF Teammate Rob Spreng at Big Bear this past Saturday made this win even more special.

Known for his prowess on his Specialized S-Works Epic, we were surprised to learn Rob Spreng even had a single speed:

Yeah I do have a single speed that I enjoy riding, I just hardly ever race it. But Gerry asked me a while back to team up with him for this and I couldn’t refuse! I took the first leg of the relay, it was a 12 mile loop at approximately an hour per lap. Unfortunately it took me about 30-40 minutes to really start feeling good on this lap. I came in 5th overall and 1st in the single speed class. Gerry went out and did some hard work on his his first lap, and came back in 2nd overall, about 2-3 minutes back. I felt great on lap 2, and was able to bridge up to the overall leader, and would finish that lap pretty much together. Gerry pretty much went out with the leader and finished with him. So on my final lap, I went out with the overall leader, but was hoping to put some time on him to give my teammate a bit of a cushion for his final lap. I pushed hard and went into the overall lead by 3 1/2 minutes by the time I handed the baton to Gerry. Gerry went on his final lap and pretty much held that gap steady despite ripping his cleat completely out of his shoe with about 2 miles to go! We got the single speed win and took the overall for the day too.

In a race that in the end was decided by seconds, Team CF rider and 2012 NUE champion Cheryl Sornson took a break from the 100 mile format to participate with Zack Morrey in the Co-ed Duo category. Cheryl and Zack rode neck-in-neck with the eventual first place team to in the end be forced to settle for second. It was a hard fought battle that was easily the most exciting race of the day. Cheryl:

This week I changed gears to see if I still had speed to do fast laps XC style… and yes I do! Fastest female time by 4-5 minutes. Unfortunately my partner was not having the same great day. Each lap saw me at about a five to seven minute deficit. After the first round I got us to only two minutes down. After the second round I got us even. Going into the third round I started about six minutes down. I thought “We can do it!” I rode smooth and fast but mechanical gods took a break during my lap and a stick caused a broken spoke. After diagnosis and some wrapping if a spoke I put on the gas again. It was so close. I was 45 seconds down. If only… All’s good I went to go fast and I did go fast! My fastest lap time was a 1:06:50. The men’s fastest (done by Robbie Spreng) was a 1:01:16.

Team CF Pittsburgh racer Jim Mayuric teamed up with local rider Travis Saler to take second place in the Men’s Open category.

Team CF whiskey springs rider Andrew Bobb teamed with Brandon Draugelis to race the men’s open expert and took 4th. Team CF whiskey springs rider John Bobb teamed with Cheryl Sornson’s husband Lee Sornson and raced the sport Master class and won while being the fastest sport team. Lee had the fastest sport lap of the day at 1:09:54.

Full results here.

Lumberjack 100.

470 miles away the 6th round of the National Ultra Endurance Series took place in Manistee Michigan, the Lumberjack 100. Comprised of three 33 mile loops, the Lumberjack has the most single track riding of any other NUE race, roughly 90%. Team CF rider Christian Tanguy, 2011 NUE champion and a past Lumberjack 100 winner, did his best to bring home the gold in this year’s edition. In what came down to an incredible 3 way sprint finish after nearly 7 hours of racing, Christian ended up 3rd behind Barry Wicks (Kona) and Michael Simonson (616 Racing). Their three times ended up being separated by less than one second (6:42:25)!

Team CF Masters racer Charles Buki participating in his first Lumberjack 100 finished 8th in his class. Charles describes his day:

My time was 8:17. In hindsight, I think I could have taken 5-6 minutes off, but hard to think that I could have found a full 18 minutes and come in under 8 hours. I would have had to try a different strategy of going a little slower first lap with the hopes of riding three more evenly-paced laps than I did. Chris Eatough has often told me to save energy, but I confess to not really knowing how to ride smart yet. The course is very flowy with no risks to speak of. I got lucky with temperature and no mechanicals. I rode most of the day in one gear out of the saddle. Probably 90% in a single gear. It just felt right.

Full results here.

Stoopid 50.

Held in the beautiful Rothrock State Forest near State College Pennsylvania, the Mid Atlantic Super Series (MASS) resumed endurance competition at the Stoopid 50.

2012 Masters winner and Team CF racer Jesse Kelly had high hopes for a repeat performance on this rocky technical course. In the end, though, he was edged out by 4 minutes by local rider Jim Matthews. Jesse tells us about his race:

Well done to Jim Matthews; I never saw him from the start as he rode off to Masters 45+ victory at the Stoopid 50. I was pleased to hang on for 2nd in such a fun and exciting race. (12th overall) The views off Tussey in the few moments I had to peek were incredible. The singletrack was fun an challenging, and confirms I still need a lot of work in that department. I as very impressed with so many great performances.

Full results soon.

Rob Spreng and Gerry Pflug win the Single Speed and the Overall at the Big Bear 2×12
Cheryl Sornson and Zack Morrey finish 2nd at the Big Bear 2×12
Jim Mayuric and Travis Saler finish second overall in the Open at the Big Bear 2×12
Barry Wicks, Mike Simonson, and Team CF rider Christian Tanguy sprint it out for the finish of the Lumberjack 100
Barry Wicks, Mike Simonson, and Team CF rider Christian Tanguy sprint it out for the finish of the Lumberjack 100
Team CF riders Charles Buki and Christian Tanguy at the Lumberjack 100
Team CF riders Charles Buki and Christian Tanguy at the Lumberjack 100
Team CF rider Jesse Kelly finishes 2nd at the Stoopid 50
Team CF rider Jesse Kelly finishes 2nd at the Stoopid 50

Jesse Kelly Wins 12 Hour Granogue Endurance Race

Mid Atlantic Super Series (MASS) racing resumed this weekend with “Andrew Meins Excellent Adventure” a 12 hour endurance lap race on the Granogue Estates in Delaware. Team CF racer Jesse Kelly took home the win in the Masters 45+ division with fourteen laps, beating the second place rider by a comfortable margin. As the only solo rider to finish 14 laps, not only was Jesse the fastest Masters racer but the fastest solo racer overall.

Leftover rain from the remnants of Hurricane Andrea dosed the estate grounds with nearly 3 inches of rain in the days leading up to the event. What started out as just “slippery conditions” in the morning, ended up as a course characterized by mud with “peanut butter” consistency. Refueling stops each lap turned into bike cleaning stops necessary to remove the caked on mud that jammed drive trains and suspension systems.

Newly minted Team CF elite team member Jesse Kelly wasted no time establishing himself as the man to beat in this grueling event. Jesse describes his day:

I didn’t know what to expect with the conditions and length of time racing. I’ve spend the day on the bike before, but not 12 hours of straight slow muddy singletrack! At 7mph, my average speed came out to barely more than half the speed of a typical NUE race. The mud was the main factor. The first lap was slick, but as it dried out throughout the day, it became firmer and more “clingy”. Every lap I had to attempt to clear the drivetrain and suspension. Pit stops and refueling were essential. With so many racing in different categories I had no idea where I was at until the end. As I eventually settled in with the 2nd and 3rd place duo teams I figured things were going well. I was really pleased to end up with the overall win!

Kyle Miller, from Team CF Philadelphia regional team, partnered up with Nick Sears and Gunnar Bergey and brought home the 3-man win with total domination.

Full results here.

Jesse Kelly's drivetrain
Jesse Kelly’s drivetrain was caked in mud after each lap
Jesse out on course
It was well after dark when Jesse Kelly received the award for the top solo master

Pflug, Sornson Set the Standard for Team CF

Team CF single speed phenom Gerry Pflug and endurance super star Cheryl Sornson set the standard for excellence this week, and several other Team CF racers followed suit with strong finishes. Ultra endurance was on the docket as Team CF represented at the Mohican 100 and the Dirty Kanza 200.

Mohican 100.

Round five of the National Ultra Endurance (NUE) Series brought racers to Loudonville Ohio, site of the race that started it all: the Mohican 100.

We’ve become use to seeing Gerry Pflug win NUE Single Speed races. He has already won several this year and Saturday’s Mohican 100 was no exception. But this race was special… Not only did Gerry win the hotly contested single speed category against rivals Patrick Blair (Adventures for the Cure) and Ron Harding (Trestle Bridge Racing), but he was able to catch and eventually pass the Men’s Open leader to be the first racer across the line! Gerry was elated:

Had my best NUE race ever today. Finished in the first singlespeed position and also took the overall 100 mile win at the Mohican 100. I’ve never won a NUE race overall, even when I did these races with gears years ago. Definitely pumped about this win!

Finishing at 7:12:12, “The Pflug”, running 40×23 gearing, finished 3+ plus minutes before Men’s Open winner Mike Simonson (616 Fabrication) in an unusual and amazing “once-in-a-lifetime” feat of riding. Read Gerry’s exiting writeup at his blog “Pfun with Pflug”.

Newly minted Team CF Elite rider Robbie Spreng had a great day finishing second in the Men’s Open just six minutes back. Robbie describes the jockeying for position at the front:

As usual the race started off fast with everyone wanting to stay up front before we head into the single track. Once we got into the woods and things sorted out, the pace was a little more bearable. I led through the woods for a while, maybe 10 miles or so. Eventually Kevin Carter and Mike Simonson came charging up behind me. So for a while it was the three of us and eventually a couple 100k guys. After the covered bridge before aid 1 Simonson went of the front leaving carter me and 2 100k guys. Shortly after aid one pat Blair joined our group. Once we hit the road teammate Gerry Pflug charged by and Kevin Carter suffered a flat. So Gerry was working with one 100 k guy and Patrick Blair and I were working together. It wasn’t long after aid three and the course split that Patrick, Gerry and I were all solo. Not too much to say after this. I soloed the rest of the race just hoping there wasn’t a group working together behind me and making ground.

Team CF Pittsburgh’s Jim Mayuric finished an impressive Men’s Open 7th just 22 minutes behind winner Mike Simonson.

Gerry’s winning ways were contagious. Team CF super star Cheryl Sornson added a fifth NUE race win by easily winning the Mohican 100 Woman’s Open Category. Cheryl:

The east coast will just not let there be a dry NUE. The rain the night prior and morning of left us to deal with some slippery roots on the single track and some very mucky horse trails.

The start of the race was huge as usual for mohican in that 100 mile and 100 kilometer start together. It can be dangerous as this year proved to be. Not too far up the road there was what sounded like a car crash. It was some cyclists going down hard. Worst sound ever. I was ahead of it fortunately.

Unsure of my competition, I had a time goal on mind. It kept me motivated for the day. The singletrack went well but slow at parts from getting stuck behind others that would not give trail. Once on the road i had to push hard to make time. Unfortunately i found myself without others to work with. Towards the end after the railbed I found the masters leader to work with and take it home under eight hours. I was gunning for a faster finish but believe the mud took some time along with stopping at aid stations to douse myself with water and get fuel. It was hot day.

I rode my Specialized Fate for the race and can say that bike is the absolute bomb. I am more impressed with its performance with every ride. It has been my favorite to ride for hundreds.

Cheryl’s dominance was nicely complemented by a strong finish by Team CF cross country specialist and Mid Atlantic Super Series star Kathleen Harding. For 2013, Kathleen has been expanding her resume, with much success, by participating in longer ultra endurance distance events. Showing toughness, Kathleen edged out Brenda Simril (Motor Mile Racing) for second place in the Woman’s Open. Kathleen:

Off the line I tried to follow Cheryl for as long as possible, but she is a machine and I lost sight of her at the top of the first big climb. I didn’t feel great off the line, but was hoping things would improve once I warmed up a bit more. By mile 7, I remember thinking to myself that it would be a long day as I didn’t have the legs I’d hoped to have for this race. I took a bit of a detour off course, and tried to make up that time after Aid 2. I felt better mid-way through the race on the roads, but started to fade again in the last ten miles. In the end I managed 2nd place and was happy with my finish despite the way I’d felt all day.

The Mohican 100 offers a 100K version of the course. Not to be overshadowed by her Team CF Elite Team sisters, Team CF Pittsburg member Lauren Mika Mould finished a solid third place in the Woman’s Open category. Lauren:

Despite a ton of rain on Friday night, the trails were in great shape at Mohican! The women’s 100k field was looking strong and the top four women changed positions several times during the race. My legs felt strong and I worked hard to pull out a third place finish. It was especially awesome to meet some fellow Team CF racers from Cleveland and Philly both before the race and out on the course!

The Dirty Kanza.

Dubbed The premere endurance gravel road race, this 200 (plus) mile-long, single-loop route through the Flint Hills region of east-central Kansas takes racers far away from civilized humanity. Team CF’s “Fit Chick” Selene Yeager decided she needed a challenge. She met that challenge with an impressive third place finish in the Open Woman’s category behind Rebecca Rusch (Specialized / Red Bull) and Monika Sattler (Grand Performance). When asked to describe her race Selene exclaimed “<colorful adjective> ludicrous”. Does that work?. Selene:

You know when a race starts at 6 a.m. and has a 2:45 a.m. cutoff, it’s gonna be anything but easy. Well the Dirty Kanza 200 is most certainly anything but easy. In fact, it’s about the hardest one day event I’ve ever done, which after a couple of Ironman triathlons is saying something.

Kanza is everything it promises. Hard. Remote. Long. Windy. Technical. And like nothing else you’ll do. Though it’s a 200+ mile day, the race starts like an XC race with riders gunning it off the line in a double paceline with rocks shooting up and pinging your body and bike. For the leaders the pace stays hot, while everyone else settles in.

My day found me in 2nd place among the women for most of the day until a flat tire and a 3 mile detour off course where a marker that had went missing set me back. Ended up in a hard fought 3rd place. Happy to podium on my first time out there. Kanza is a test for every rider. I was just happy to pass!

Read Selene’s blog post on the Dirty Kanza.

In other Team CF Regional action, Team CF Whiskey Springs took on the rocks at Bear Creek for the PA State Championships. Read John Mountain Bobb’s race report.

Gerry Pflug was the best Single Speeder and best overall at the Mohican 100
Cheryl Sornson and Kathleen Harding are first and second at the Mohican 100
Rob Spreng is 2nd and Jim Mayuric 7th in the Men’s Open at the Mohican 100
Lauren Mika Mould is the 3rd place woman at the Mohican 100K
Selene Yeager finishes a solid third place at the Dirty Kanza 200
Selene Yeager finishes a solid third place at the Dirty Kanza 200

Supreme Weekend of Team CF Racing

May 20, 2013. Team CF racers capped off another successful weekend of racing with participation in Syllamo’s Revenge, On the Rocks at French Creek, and the 9-Hours-of-Cranky-Monkey.

Syllamo’s Revenge.

Race #4 in the National Ultra Enduruance (NUE) Series, Syllamo’s Revenge consists of 75 Miles of technical single track in the Ozark mountains of north central Arkansas.

Team CF rider and 2012 NUE Champion Cheryl Sornson continued her domination of the series with another impressive win in the woman’s open event. Cheryl, who is 4-for-4 now in the NUE, accomplished her 4th win just one week after her 3rd at the grueling rain soaked Wildcat Epic in New York State. Cheryl:

It was a quick turn around from New York to Arkansas. To make it less stressful I chose to race my (Specialized) Epic while my Fate was greasing its wounds. It was a good choice for the Syllamo 125K. The trails are rocky and techy. The Epic ate it up, especially with Grid Ground Control tires front and rear. I needed more comfort for this race. My body is a bit worn down from six weekends in a row of racing: 3 being hundos, 2 being endurance, and one xc. I got away early on the race stayed away and got the win. It was hard to motivate and I missed my target time, but towards the end I decided to be kind to my body and enjoyed the super awesome single track at a more leisurely pace.

Team CF’s single speed phenom Gerry Pflug continued his winning ways with a decisive victory in the single speed category. Gerry:

The Syllamo race is one of the most technical races in the NUE series, which also makes it one of the toughest in the series. With hot and humid weather added to the hard riding conditions, I knew the day in the saddle would be a tough one. But, after about 5 miles of riding, I was able to get a gap over the other singlespeed racers. From that point, I stayed smooth on the trails and tried to drink as much fluid as I could to stay hydrated. At the end, the course took its toll on many riders over the day by either causing bike or body issues. Luckily, I was not effected by any of these things and was able to finish third overall and as the first place singlespeed racer.

Team CF’s Cary Smith just missed the top spot in the men’s open category finishing 2nd to Drew Edsall (Kenda Felt Pro Mountain Bike Team). Cary:

I was definitely nervous heading into Syllamo’s 125K. It’s always tough to travel across the country to race on unfamiliar terrain. Luckily, my teammates prepared me as best they could on what to expect. My plan was to be near the front when we entered the singletrack in order to follow the fast guys through the technical sections. That worked well for a bit but I soon found myself alone in 2nd place. I tried to push the pace on the smoother sections and throttle back slightly on the sharp rocks in order to prevent punctures. I was able to finish the day with no mechanical problems, which, unfortunately, was not the case for fellow CF racers Christian (Tanguy) and Rob (Spreng). I was also helped by cloud cover, which kept the temperature at a (barely) manageable level. Even so, I was definitely feeling the heat during the last couple hours of the race.

On the Rocks at French Creek.

The Mid Atlantic Super Series (MASS) resumed with Cross Country and Endurance racing this past weekend at the popular at French Creek State Park venue in Birdsboro, PA. Known for it’s techie features, the riding at French Creek is relentlessly bumpy and difficult enough to challenge riders of all levels.

Team CF’s Kathleen Harding finished on top of the podium in the woman’s Pro/Cat-1 Open event. Kathleen:

French Creek is always a fun race that tests your technical skills through rock gardens, rocky descents and the “Nemesis climb” up the steep water bars. I felt strong, took the lead and tried to create a gap down the first, long rocky descent. From there I was able to maintain the lead for the remainder of race and finish first!

Team CF’s Jesse Kelly continued his winning steak finishing ahead of Gordon Davies in the Endurance 45+ event.

Nine Hours of Cranky Monkey.

Nine Hours of Cranky Monkey took place at Rocky Gap State Park, Maryland, a pristine state park with tree-covered foothills surrounding a small lake with many fingers. A large group of cyclists from out-of-state set up tents and canopies in a colorful nomadic settlement for the weekend. The weather was fabulous, cool and cloudy but dry. The course was an 8-mile loop which started out with twisty single track along the lake, worked its way up and down the foothills on mildly rocky trails, and closed the loop on fast, flat clay to the check in. Riders were challenged to do as many laps as they could in nine hours, either solo or on teams of two or three. Team CF racer Stephanie Swan, who for this was her first-ever mountain bike race, organized an impressive showing from her Pittsburgh regional team. Stephanie:

I raced a “trio” for the first cross country mountain bike race I ever entered with Mary Boone and Tara Minkus. The course was well-suited to me since it was flowy, minimally technical, and had a nice climb each lap. I gained a lot of confidence on my bike as the race progressed shaving time off of each of my four laps. The atmosphere, setting, and challenge made for a fabulous weekend – and I’ll be sure to come back next year!

Other Team CF Pittsburgh results include:

Arik Way was on a co-ed team with Jeff Paul and Jennifer Frederick that placed second.

Team CF Pittsburgh rider Lauren Mika and female duo partner Michelle Johnson finished third up against some very tough veteran riders in their category.

Tim Mould and Jim Mayurik hotly contested first place in the male duo category, but some mechanicals and injury had them finishing shortly after the first place team.

In the 120+ (combined years-old) open category, the team of Bill Mickey, Shane Terrick and Tim Brewer nabbed the final podium spot of 5th place out of about 19 teams.

Cheryl Sornson wins the Woman’s Open at Syllamo’s Revenge
Gerry Pflug wins the Single Speed Open at Syllamo’s Revenge
Cary Smith (L) finishes second in the Men’s Open at Syllamo’s Revenge
Kathleen Harding wins the Woman’s Pro/Cat-1 Open at French Creek
Stephanie Swan (c) and her team finish second at the Nine-Hours-of-Cranky-Monkey
Stephanie Swan (c) and her team finish second at the Nine-Hours-of-Cranky-Monkey

Wild Day for Team CF at NUE Wildcat 100

The Wildcat 100 made its National Ultra Endurance (NUE) Series debut on a day marred with rainy muddy conditions and many off course riders. Confusion at aid stations, poorly marked turns, and bad weather put a damper on what could be one of the best hundred mile courses in the series. Team CF racer and 2011 NUE champion Christian Tanguy was perhaps one of the more noteworthy victims who mistakenly went off course. Unfortunately for Christian, who was leading the race at the time, it resulted in disqualification.

Part of the confusion stemmed from the fact that both a 100K and 100 mile version of the race were being conducted simultaneously. Normally, this does not present a problem for seasoned promotors who inform aid station workers what to expect and when. However, this being the NUE debut for this race, the longer 100 mile variant was superimposed on the traditional 100k route for the first time.

Prior to the climb leading to the aid station where the 100k and 100 mile courses diverge, Justin Lindine (Redline) put the hammer down and the group of six leaders exploded. Christian was the only one who could follow Justin. However, Justin had a rear tire problem and planned to replace a tube at the aid station. As a result, Christian was first leaving the aid. He resumed pedaling in the same direction of travel as when he came into the aid station, which in Christian’s words:

…I bitterly understood later was the 100k course and not the 100 mile course! In hind sight, as I was leaving the aid station, somebody said: “Wow! The first competitor for the 100k!” My friend who was a volunteer at the station, immediately informed the race organizer of the mistake but I was already out of reach. The event crew responsible for the aid, apparently gave a very specific instructions responsible for directing participants on the proper courses (100k or 100 miles). I honestly did not see those two people …even from the corner of my eye. The only thing I can feel good about is that my misfortune helped everybody behind me.

Team CF’s Jesse Kelly was finally able to squeak into the coveted top-ten by finishing 10th in the men’s open.

Team CF woman added a bright spot to an otherwise imperfect day. Team CF rider and 2012 NUE champion Cheryl Sornson was able to win for the third time in a row after victories at True Grit and Cohutta, despite several off-course detours and temporarily losing the lead to eventual 2nd place finisher Vicki Barclay. Cheryl’s win was complemented by a 3rd and 4th place finish for Team CF riders Kathleen Harding and Selene Yeager. Cheryl describes her day:

It was a mess.

It was hard to muster the energy to again face a wet nasty day in the saddle leading up to NY. However I was excited to try out this new race in the series. It was strange to not have much information about the course and feeling a bit concerned about the organization of the event. Regardless I was up for some adventure. And adventure it was. Almost everyone I talked to who raced the event missed a sign which led to a wrong turn and ultimately added miles. The only thing to do in this situation is to turn around and backtrack until you can make sense of the course. I found myself lost or concerned about being lost many times. The worst came at the very end of the day when the arrows to get to the finish were not clear and I spent 15 minutes or more trying to figure out how the course ended without going off course and being disqualified. Despite the hardships of rain, mud and confusion, the Wildcat 100 was a scenic course that offered a lot of variety and if the conditions were better, the event more organized it could possibly be one of the best 100 mile rides I have done!

I need to mention that I got to race in my new kit from DNA. What a great fit. It was my first hundred that I had not a single chafe issue! Thanks for such a quality product DNA Cycling!

Team CF masters racer Charles Buki fought off some deamons from a bad race at Cohutta to finish 5th on the day.

Hats off to all Team CF racers who helped iron out the kinks in this new NUE race!

Cheryl Sornson tops the Wildcat 100 woman's podium with Kathleen Harding 3rd and Vicki Barclay 2nd.
Cheryl Sornson tops the Wildcat 100 woman’s podium with Vicki Barclay 2nd and Kathleen Harding 3rd

Team CF “Rocks” Michaux, Iron Hill & Brady’s Run

Team CF racers “rocked the rocks” this past weekend at three separate racing venues: Michaux, Iron Hill and Brady’s Run.


Newly minted Team CF Elite Team member Rob Spreng bested rivals Brandon Draugelis and Mike Keefer to take the overall win in the Michaux Endurance Series opener Michaux Maximus. Held in the Michaux State Forest in central PA, the Michaux Series is known for it’s technical raw terrain. Only the most skilled riders come out on top.

Robbie rode with Brandon for about 40 minutes until the first long climb. Brandon attacked really hard and put a small gap on Robbie by the top. Once back in the woods Robbie was able to bridge back up. The two leaders then rode together for the next hour or so. At around 2:30 in, they hit another road climb and Robbie was able to get away from his rival there. The thirty-three year old Spreng rode the rest of the race alone “in defense mode”, just hoping Brandon wouldn’t catch back on. He never did. Robbie crossed the line solo for the win.

By winning the open woman’s category by 45 minutes, Team CF rider and “Queen of Michaux” Cheryl Sornson demonstrated once again why that nickname has stuck over the years. When someone refers to “Madonna” or “Beyonce”, no last names are needed. Similarly, everyone knows the Team CF racer in blue that has been at the top of the Michaux results for years, simply as “Churtle”.

Iron Hill Challenge.

One hundred miles east in Newark, Delaware, the Mid Atlantic Super Series continued with the 2013 edition of the Iron Hill Challenge. The day included both Cross Country (XC) and endurance events.

In the Pro/Cat 1 Woman’s XC field, Team CF rider Kathleen Harding took the win against NoTubes rider Vicki Barclay. Barclay challenged Harding all the way to the line, but in the end the Team CF rider prevailed, winning by a mere 3 seconds. Team CF rider Nikki Thiemann had a solid day with a third place finish. Kathleen describes her exciting race:

The race was very close between Vicki and I right off the line. We rode together for the duration. Vicki took the lead at the start. Mid way through the 2nd lap I passed her. She stayed on my wheel until the last climb of the 4th lap when she passed me back. I stuck to her wheel and we finished out the lap together until the last stretch to the finish line. At that point, I knew we were both going to have to give it our all and sprint to the line. Once we got out of the woods and the trail opened up, I passed her and gave it everything to cross the finish first. It was extremely close and very exciting. We had a great race together.

In the Masters 45+ Endurance event, Team CF rider Jesse Kelly cruised to victory with 8 laps, good enough for 5th place overall.

Other Team CF Iron Hill mentions are: Kris Molendyke who took 8th place in the single speed CAT1 Open, Sven Harms 21st CAT 2 50-59, Jesse Harrington, 18th Endurance Male, and from the North Jersey contingent, Joseph Cumming 8th place CAT 1 40-44.

6 Hours of Brady’s Run.

From the suburbs of Philly to the suburbs of Pittsburgh, endurance racing was the order of the day at the first annual 6 Hours of Brady’s Run in Beaver Falls, PA. Team CF Pittsburgh sent a contingent of riders to represent. The result was several Team CF jerseys decorating the podium.

Local fast-guy Jim Mayuric took 1st place in the solo male category. Ultra endurance single speed specialist, Gerry Pflug decided to stay local and “take it easy this weekend”. His “easy” easily took the win in the solo 45+ category.

Husband and wife team Tim Mould and Lauren Mika placed second in the coed duo category. Their quest for the podium’s top spot was preempted with more important matters. Tim explains:

It was climb filled 9 mile lap, about 1200 ft per lap. Each lap we lost about 1 minute from the previous lap. Lots of fun until Lauren’s last lap. She came across a guy laying on the side of the trail, apparently experiencing extreme dehydration. He ER nursing experience took over and she kept him alive, well, alert and somewhat stable until EMS showed up to cart him out and take him to the hospital. I am so proud of her for saving him. I hope he is ok. All in all, a good day. Team CF took many podium spots, the guy made it out alive, and we had lots of fun riding an excellent trail!

Team CF rider Brian Birch teamed up with local rider Amanda Sproat to place 3rd in coed duo.

Congratulations to all Team CF racers… and remember to stay hydrated!

New Team CF Elite Robbie Spreng wins Michaux Maximus
New Team CF Elite Robbie Spreng wins Michaux Maximus
Cheryl Sornson on her way to victory at Michaux
Cheryl Sornson on her way to victory at Michaux
Kathleen Harding out on course
Kathleen Harding out on course at Iron Hill
Kathleen Harding is the best for the day, with Vicki Barclay and Nikki Thiemann
Kathleen Harding, Vicki Barclay, and Nikki Thiemann are your top-3 woman at Iron Hill
Team CF's Jim Mayuric tops the men's open podium at Brady's Run
Team CF’s Jim Mayuric tops the men’s open podium at Brady’s Run
Gerry Pflug wins Solo 45+ at 6 hours of Brady’s Run
Tim Mould and Lauren Mika earn second place co-ed duo at Brady's Run
Tim Mould and Lauren Mika earn second place co-ed duo at Brady’s Run

Team CF Welcomes Rob Spreng to the Elite Ranks

Thirty-three year old Pittsburgh based Rob Spreng has been dominating the PA mountain biking scene for a couple of years now. The many-time Michaux Endurance Race champion loves rocky, technical terrain the best.

In addition to being a dominant force in the mid-atlantic, Rob has been working his way up the standings in the National Ultra Endurance Series as well. Earning third place both at Syllamo’s Revenge and the Mohican 100 in 2012, Robbie showed he has the power as well as his proven technical skills to compete with the countries best endurance mountain bike racers.

Please join us in welcoming Rob Spreng to the Team CF Elite Team!

Team CF “Hat-Trick” at Cohutta and Fair Hill

A hat-trick in sport is the achievement of a positive feat three times during an event, or other achievements based on threes.

This past weekend, many good things came in threes for Team CF racers.

Christian Tanguy, Cheryl Sornson and Gerry Pflug each won their respective categories in Ducktown Tennessee at NUE #2, the Cohutta 100. Back east, Team CF woman pulled off a hat-trick of their own by sweeping the top-three in the woman’s Pro/Cat-1 event of the MASS XC Spring race in Fair Hill Maryland.

Falling rain and 50 degree temperatures in Ducktown Tennessee provided racers with plenty of additional challenge on top of the nearly 14,000 feet of climbing called for by the Cohutta 100 course.

Team CF rider and 2011 NUE Series Champion Christian Tanguy held off Gripped Racing’s Kevin Carter by 6:53 to win the men’s open category.

2012 NUE champion Cheryl Sornson finished atop the woman’s open podium, ahead of 2nd place Brenda Simril (Motor Mile Racing) by a comfortable margin. Cheryl describes the challenge the results don’t reveal…

It was a tough day. Staying focused on survival was my main objective. Wanting to redeem myself from the slow start at True Grit, I stuck to the first group into the single track. There were no other women who were with me at that point, so I put it in a managable gear and safely negotiated the slippery singletrack. During the first few hours spirits were high and the conditions were not so bad. As time wore on things deteriorated. It got really cold for a bit and it made going down the fireroads in the wet an awful experience. I kept it reigned in and never took a chance by going too fast. Once the roads or trails went up I used the effort to bring myself up to a manageable temperature. Keeping warm was a motivation to keep going. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you went it felt like you were almost going backwards. The roads and trails were saturated and muddy which made it a slow go. I was demoralized as the time ticked away and I was still not finished with the course. I would come in an hour slower than last year. I was not the only one. This realization allowed me to be easier on myself and understand that I was not the only one suffering this day. Cheers to all who attempted, double cheers to those that persevered, and triple cheers to my CF teammates who found themselves on the top podium as well. During the race I stayed fueled with Carbo rocket half evil mix. Without the extra bottles I put out on course I never would have made it thru. My Specialized Fate was a dream out in those conditions. It performed flawlessly. It was a dream to be riding while tackling the big climbs of the day and handled the downhills and sloppy single track with ease.

The Cohutta hat-trick was completed by Gerry Pflug who led, was passed, and finally retook the lead from 2010 SM100 Single Speed winner Mike Montalbano, to win the Single Speed category at Cohutta. Gerry started his day with a last minute wardrobe change…

At the starting area, I got my gear ready and saw a pair of rain pants in my bag that I use for warming-up at cyclocross races on cold, wet days. I’ve never thought about racing in these pants for a cross race, nevermind a mtb race; however, knowing I would be in wet fifty degree weather for more than 8 hours made the thought of wearing these pants seem like a good one. I wasn’t even sure if these pants would hold up for 100 miles of non-stop riding in muddy conditions, but I decided to give them a go anyway.

Not quite old enough to compete in the Master’s category in NUE events, Team CF 45+ rider Jesse Kelly just missed the top-10, finishing an impressive 11th place in the super-competitive open category.

By Sunday, the storm system that drenched the Cohutta riders in Tennessee the day before had moved east and threatened a messy day at the Fair Hill Maryland venue. The Maryland contingent could only hope the rain would hold off till after the racing was over.

Despite the ominous weather forecast, Team CF riders Kathleen Harding, Kristin Gavin, and Nikki Thiemann took first, second and third place respectively in the woman’s Pro/Cat-1 race. Kathleen describes their teamwork…

Nikki, Kristin and I worked together to create a gap early on in the race. After the first long gravel descent, we crossed the creek, headed up the single track and into the woods where we broke away from the rest of the pack. I believe we stayed in our positions for the remainder of the race finishing first, second and third. We each finished within about a minute or two of each other and had a great time with ideal conditions. As Kristin made a point to say early in the race, we have so much fun racing together.

Nikki describes the healthy competitiveness and temporary alliances that are always present in racing this way:

We threw the hammer down at the start and worked as a team to drop the rest of the field. The three of us stuck together until about mile 5 and then kathleen took off. Around mile 6, Kristin decided she wanted to try and chase down Kathleen and took off. I think things strung out between the three of us on the second lap, but Kristin got a wild hair on the third lap and got within sight of Kathleen, while I was able to bring the gap back down between Kristin and I and get her back in my sights. It was really fun for us to race together – first time in a while and it felt like the band was on a reunion tour!

Good things DO come in threes. Congratulations to all!

Photo credit: © Sara Kristen Photography /
Christian Tanguy atop the Cohutta 100 Men's Open Podium
Christian Tanguy atop the Cohutta 100 Men’s Open Podium
Photo credit: © Sara Kristen Photography /
Cheryl Sornson wins the Cohutta 100 women's open
Cheryl Sornson wins the Cohutta 100 women’s open
Photo credit: © Sara Kristen Photography /
Team CF's Gerry Pflug atop the Cohutta 100 Single Speed Podium
Team CF’s Gerry Pflug atop the Cohutta 100 Single Speed Podium
From Left, Kristin Gavin, Kathleen Harding, and Nikki Thiemann place 2nd, 1st, and 3rd respectively at the XC Spring race at Fair Hill
Photo credit: © Sara Kristen Photography /
Christian Getting His Thoughts Together at the Start of the Cohutta 100
Christian Getting His Thoughts Together at the Start of the Cohutta 100
Photo credit: © Sara Kristen Photography /
Cheryl enjoying the fruits of her labor at the Cohutta 100
Cheryl enjoying the fruits of her labor at the Cohutta 100

Team CF Endurance Racers Excel in Cross Country

Normally known for their feats in endurance mountain biking events, this past weekend Cheryl Sornson and Gerry Pflug showed excellence by taking home Team CF gold in the shorter cross country discipline as well. Team CF cyclocross specialist Nikki Thiemann helped round out the woman’s pro open podium with a third place finish.

Cross Country mountain bike racing, mainly sanctioned under USA Cycling, typically feature a lap-race format with a total duration of around 2 hours. Longer than a cyclocross race and shorter than a typical endurance mountain bike event, these events are high intensity suffer-fests.

This past weekend, the Greenbrier State Park in Boonsboro MD hosted the 10th annual Greenbrier Challenge mountain bike race.

Team CF single speed phenom Gerry Pflug took the win in the open Single Speed category. Over the past few weeks, Gerry’s amount of training has been much less than he typically does because he’s been busy moving into a new home. He was nervous about how he would do in his first race since the beginning of April. But when the starting gun went off, and Gerry took the hole shot and the lead into the trail, everything seemed to fall back into place. From that point on Gerry stayed at the front riding at his own pace unchallenged. When asked about it afterwards, Gerry said “I was surprised to feel so good on his bike and was also surprised about getting the win”.

On the woman’s side, Team CF rider Cheryl Sornson showed she can win at the shorter distances too. Fresh off a close win last weekend at the Michaux Off-Road Weekend, the Queen of Endurance managed to beat NoTubes Woman’s Elite Team rider Vicki Barclay for a second week in a row. The race started off fast with small group of three riders that included Cheryl, Vicki and Team CF rider Nikki Thiemann staying together up the first climb, but then Vicki and Cheryl got a gap after the first downhill and rock garden where Nikki had to stop to tend to a broken spoke. Vicki and Cheryl rode together through the first lap and part of the second. Cheryl was able to climb a little bit stronger on the long climb that greeted riders in the middle of each lap. At the top of the climb on lap 2, Cheryl put her head down and kept up a good pace trying to make her gap stick over her NoTubes rival.

Suzie Snyder of the Team Luna Chix Pro Team, who started one minute back in the cat-1 open woman, caught Cheryl half way through the penultimate lap. “I knew she was a strong one” Cheryl later proclaimed of her riding partner for the remaining lap and a half. In the end, Cheryl crossed the line ahead of her out-of-category rival to claim 1st for pro women. The Luna Chix rider also claimed 1st with Team CF rider Kristin Gavin pulling off an impressive 2nd place finish in the Cat 1 open women. Kristin described her race this way: “Lining up next to a Luna Chix sponsored rider I knew the Cat 1 race was going to roll quickly off the line – and it did. Turning in 4 laps under 2 hours, the course was tough, but a great time. I believe this finish qualifies me for nationals? hmmm…”.

NoTubes rider Vicki Barclay finished pro-woman 2nd and after tying off her broken spoke, Nikki Thiemann rode strong for the remainder of the race, holding onto third place, never regaining contact with the leaders. When asked later, Cheryl noted that Suzy “gave me motivation to continue the race at a hard pace”. It was also Cheryl’s first race on the the new woman’s specific Specialized FATE carbon hard tail. She proclaimed “I loved it! It is so responsive and fast. A good weapon for the climbing that Greenbriar offered”.

Congratulations Team CF!

Team CF riders Cheryl Sornson and Nikki Thiemann finish 1st and 3rd respectively in the Woman's Pro Open
Team CF riders Cheryl Sornson and Nikki Thiemann finish 1st and 3rd respectively in the Woman’s Pro Open
Team CF rider Gerry Pflug wins the Open Single Speed category
Team CF rider Gerry Pflug wins the Open Single Speed category
Kristin Gavin was runner up in the cat-1 woman's open
Kristin Gavin was runner up in the cat-1 woman’s open

Busy Weekend for Team CF Mountain Bike Racers

Mountain bike racing is heating up for 2013 and this past weekend saw several podium finishes for Team CF riders.

Between the Saturday “Leesburg Baker’s Dozen” mountain bike relay race and the Sunday endurance cross country race of the Michaux Off-Road Weekend, the blue train of Team CF was on full display.

This past Saturday was the “Leesburg Baker’s Dozen” Mountain bike relay race. Held in Leesburg VA, the Bakers Dozen is a lap-format timed event. Racers do as many laps as they can in 13+ hours. That’s a lot of riding.

This is a fast course made up of rolling hills with plenty of semi-technical challenge in the form of rocks, roots, log piles, and small ledges. Fortunately for all categories except solo, Baker’s Dozen is a relay race, so the burden is shared among teammates.

In the co-ed duo category, Team CF Pittsburgh racing team members Lauren Mika Mould and Tim Mould bested their third place finish from last year by winning the 2013 edition. Laura explains how their race went down:

This was our second year doing the Leesburg Baker’s Dozen as a husband and wife coed duo team. We knew it was going to be fast and fun but we didn’t know how strong we both would feel and how consistent and clean our laps would be!! We came out on top with 19 laps (10 for Tim and 9 for me!) in just over 13 hours. Tim was turning 36 to 37 minute laps and I was turning 42 to 43 minute laps so the rest was minimal and our competition was incredibly strong. We were both so excited to take the win. Huge thanks to Team CF and Pro Bikes!

In the difficult solo male division, Team CF Pittsburgh team member Jim Mayuric improved on last year’s third place finish to finish second in this years edition. We had the opportunity to speak with Jim as he tells us about his impressive solo effort:

The race started with everyone fighting to get the hole shot into the woods. I was in the top 6 to get to the single track, passing is challenging on that course. I backed off my pace towards the end of the first lap when Kevin Carter and Jeff Schalk caught up to me. I held close to Kevin for the first 2 laps and then he really turned it on. I kept very consistent laps thru the entire day. My friends and team mates that I pitted with helped feed me and made bottles so that I could keep the stops between laps to a minimum. I ended up getting lapped by Kevin who was a consistent machine the entire day, but I had 3 laps up on 3rd place. I finished the day feeling great with 2nd place solo locked up, 19 laps, and about 170 miles of really fun single track.

Nice work Team CF Pittsburgh!

On Sunday the Mid Atlantic Super Series continued it’s series with endurance race #2, a lap race conducted as part of the Michaux Off-Road Weekend. Held in the Michaux State Forest of PA, the mountain bike racing in Michaux is known for it’s rocky technical nature.

Continuing his winning ways and the streak of Team CF Pittsburgh riders standing on the podium, rock riding pro Robbie Spreng took home the gold in the open men’s division.

Team CF rider Jesse Kelly showed he’s the Master’s rider to beat by easily taking home Gold in the 45+ division.

The race of the day had to be the open woman’s division. Team CF super-star Cheryl Sornson took home the gold besting one of her biggest rivals, NoTubes rider Vicki Barclay by just 25 seconds in a real nail-biter finish! Team CF rider Kristin Gavin finished third. When asked about her race, Cheryl described it this way:

It was close. 1st lap we were together till I got away at about mile 5 into a 6+ mile lap. Wasn’t sure how back she was so I just did my best to keep a good pace and be smooth on the techy parts. Three more laps and I still didn’t see her. Started to get tired and at the start of the 5th lap was told she was 10 min back. I thought I could just keep a steady pace and slide it in. At the bottom of a down hill at the start of the 5th lap I got some chain suck and had to turn my bike upside down to wrench it out. I thought ok so I lost some time maybe I can’t take it too easy, good thing I didn’t. Next thing I know I look back and she is behind me on a climb. I got a bit of a heartache wondering how in the world she made up so much time, but it was short lived and I went into “hammer” mode which was a bit tough and probably not so much of a hammer with me being so tired. I put in a good end of race effort to stave her off, but she was never far behind and kept me on my toes. Fortunately things went smooth and I was able to just barely stay in front. I eventually learned she was never more than about 2 minutes behind me. It was a great hard and technical race so glad we made it through unscathed!. My specialized epic with a control grid upfront and a fasttrack grid in the rear were the perfect weapons for the fight.

Rob Spreng wins the Men’s Open Division at Michaux

Team CF Rider Cheryl Sornson leads NoTubes Rider Vicki Barclay in the Woman's open
Team CF Rider Cheryl Sornson leads NoTubes Rider Vicki Barclay through the rocks of Michaux

Jessy Kelly wins the 45+ Master's Division at Michaux
Jessy Kelly wins the 45+ Master’s Division at Michaux

Team CF’s Rob Spreng and Gerry Pflug Earn Tuscarora Gold

The Mid-Atlantic Super Series (MASS) kicked off it’s first race of the 2013 season this past weekend with the Tuscarora venue.  Known for it’s early season mud and it’s always rocky technical terrain, the trails in the Tuscarora state park of Pennsylvania present a steep challenge for those brave enough to take them on. The blue train of Team CF showed up in force.

Robbie Spreng of Team CF took home the gold in the Men’s open against a strong field of perennial favorites including Jeremiah Bishop, Brandon Draugelis, Ryan Heerschap and Team CF rider Jim Mayuric.

The race started at a pretty fast pace with Robbie, Jeremiah, Brandon, and one other rider breaking away. At some point, the mystery forth rider had a mechanical, so it was down to three. Eventually Jeremiah picked up the pace and Brandon stuggled, dangling off the back. Robbie rode behind Jeremiah for a good while, until JB picked it up again and started gapping Robbie. Shortly after the Jeremiah breakaway JB caught his helmet on something and the buckle broke forcing him to ride back to the start for a replacement. Robbie passed him and finished the remaining 2 1/2 laps in a solo time trial, not knowing who was chasing. Brandon hung on to finish second. Team CF rider Jim Mayuric took over third place from Zack Morrey on the last lap after Zack was forced to fix a late race flat. Jim was able to hold off a late-charging Jeremiah to hang onto third.

One week after winning the single speed event in the NUE opener “True Grit Epic”, Team CF rider Gerry Pflug notched another early season single speed win.

After doing one loop of the technical Tuscarora race loop for the Team CF charity ride on Saturday, “The Pflug” was having second thoughts about doing the Sunday endurance race. He knew the nasty rocks on the course and cold temperatures forcasted would make for a very long day in the saddle. Deciding to do the race anyway, he lined up at the start and started the race fast to see who might want to go hard. Mike Montalbano and Stephan Kinkaid were able to stay with Gerry for the first couple of laps, but eventually he was able to ride away on his own. Once away, Gerry rode the climbs and fast trail hard to maintain the gap and rode the technical stuff cautiously to prevent any mishaps from occurring. According to Gerry, Tuscarora ended up being a really “Pfun” day on the bike!

Congratulations to all who dared this difficult event.

Big thanks go out to Zachary David Adams for putting together a great early season endurance race.

Team CF riders Robbie Spreng and Jim Mayuric finished first and third in the Tuscarora Men’s Open
Team CF rider Gerry Pflug wins the Tuscarora Single Speed

Team CF solid in “True Grit” NUE Opener

With four riders earning spots on four podiums in the 2013 NUE opener, Team CF has set the early standard.

The National Ultra Endurance Series (NUE) kicked off the 2013 season early with a new race. The “True Grit Epic”, starting in Saint George Utah, covers 89 miles with 70% of it single track and slightly over 13,000 ft. of elevation gain.

Team CF elite rider and 2012 NUE champion Cheryl Sornson dominated the open woman besting 2nd place Alice Drobna (Webcyclery) by over 28 minutes.

Single speed phenom, 2012 NUE single speed champion, and new Team CF elite team member Gerry Pflug battled Aj Linnell (Fitzgerald’s Bicycles) for much of the day but in the end it was “The Pflug” capturing the win by a less than 2 minutes.

Team CF “west-coast local” rider Cary Smith turned in a great ride with an incredible time of 6:54:40, good enough for 2nd place overall in the open men. Finishing behind only Sho-Air/Cannondale rider Alex Grant, Cary edged out rivals Josh Tostado (Santa Cruz, Maxxis, Shimano) and Evan Plews (Ibis Cycles).

Shaking off some pre-season doubts, Team CF rider Charles Buki turned in a solid performance in the Masters division with a third place finish behind David Jolin (Stark Velo) and Jody Bailey (4Life / Mad Dog).

Congratulations to all!

Full results and coverage. Full results and coverage.


Team CF members Gerry Pflug, Cary Smith and Cheryl Sornson warm up before the True Grit Epic
Cheryl Sornson Wins the True Grit Open Woman
Gerry Pflug wins the True Grit Single Speed
Cary Smith finishes second overall at True Grit
Charles Buki finishes third Master at True Grit
Cheryl Sornson pilots her S-Works Epic on the way to Victory at the True Grit Epic
Cheryl Sornson pilots her S-Works Epic on the way to Victory at the True Grit Epic

Introducing the 2013 Team CF Elite Team